Saturday, 8 April 2017

Tabula rasa - Tyhjä taulu

My head is like a tabula rasa that comes to writing, BUT I brought myself up-to-date and created an instagram account. My dearest friend referred this to me. I just take lovely and cool pics and sometimes shoot videos at the moment. It's very healthy hobby anyways.

One thing is for sure. We are are going back to Spain! We are acctually moving to Spain! That feels so nice when I think about that. Thank you nature mother, love you forever.
London is my home so it's sad to leave, but if some chain reaction makes a new door about to open I need to enter. It's not healthy to live too disconnected from nature, which London is providing too easliy.

Ja sama suomeksi.
Pääni tuntuu tällä hetkellä niin kovin tyhjältä, mitä kirjoittamiseen tulee. Olen kuitenkin päivittänyt itseni tähän päivään luomalla Instagram-tilin näin ensialkuun. Ystäväni kehoituksesta! Siksipä tuumasinkin, että tuohan on parempi jos otan kauniita kuvia ja filmaan videoklippejä ja leikkailen niitä nyt hetken. Mainio harrastus. Tällä hetkellä.

Kuitenkin jotain reipasta ja hienoa on tapahtunut. Olemme palaamassa Espanjaan. Itseasiassa, olemme muuttamassa Espanjaan. Se tuntuu todella hyvältä sydämessä. Kiitos äiti maa, luv you eternally. Mutta me emme vuokraa tälläkään kertaa perinteisesti omaa kotia. Ainakaan vielä.

Lontoo on kuitenkin kotini (ilman pysyvääkään osoitetta) ja tuntuu surulliselta lähteä, mutta jos ketjureaktion seurauksena uusi ovi on aukeamssa, on ainoastaan hyvä asia käydä sisään. Ei ole terveellistä asua näin vieraantuneena luonnosta, mikä on täällä Lontoossa hyvin helppoa.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Catching up with few words, don't escape yet


and greetings from London.

Time is flying. For some people time is money, for me it seems to be flying source... Sneaking over without asking.
Might be, I have squeezed myself into the hectic city life. Well, can't blame me, I seem to enjoy it. But as one of my favorite experessions says: a coin has always two sides....

So, I have thought about my blog/vlog and decided I need to start to write a bit more often. Telling about how things are going and how the world looks like this spring from my perspective. I've been also thinking that I should really find some time to advertise my blog for readers as I haven't done anything about this since I started to write this new blog as I've been very busy. But I DO have an idea :)

The future plan is still wide open after all these years. Me and my boyfriend have our current housesitting/short let task going on until end of the March. I'm so so so excited to see what happens after that. I have no idea. But it will be so much fun, believe me.

And the last thing today, I'm going to tell you is about FLOWERS!
Spring is here! Narcissus jumped out!!! You should see our next door's garden! The other evening we came back from dinner and nearly became blind 'cause of dozens and dozens of Narcissus shining in the dark evening.
Also beautiful Cherry trees started to bloom. London will never betray what comes to welcome spring.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

In the cave house, Andalucia

Cheers Spain and thanks London. It's lovely be back here.

When I travel it's 110% sure to commit with new friends and that makes my soul smiling. It's good to know that more I meet new people, more I create my karma. Can't really figure out my current karma, what have I done, to meet all these people.
Anyhow. Roads are full of us, restless travellers waiting for each others after every corner.
Take your place.
Have some walks.
Eat well. Get to know each others cooking skills.
Sleep well.
Hug your fellows.
Don't plan too much.
Listen your heart.
Do what you have to do.
Don't regret.
Be greatful.
See it all in the bigger picture.
Remember. Tomorrow is always mysterious new day. 
Happiness in a mental state.